Certificate of Compliance

Certificates of compliance are required by Banks, Lending Institutes and Legal professionals in order to confirm that the works comply with the appropriate Planning & Building Regulations. For buildings and dwellings offered for sale, it is essential to ensure that the appropriate certificates are in place in order to avoid any expensive corrective work at a later stage.

Certificates Of Compliance may be required when…

  • Re-Mortgaging
  • Selling
  • Purchasing
  • Structural Alteration

The provision of a Certificate will depend on the extent of compliance with planning conditions or building regulations. Any deviation from the conditions set down in a grant of permission or any unauthorised structures constructed without planning may require a retention permission prior to the successful issuing of a Certificate Of Compliance.

We can offer …

  • Certificates Of Compliance With Planning Permission
  • Certificates Of Compliance With Building Regulations
  • Opinions On Compliance

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