Fire Safety Certificates

Fire Safety Certification

Under the Building Control Act 1990 two main sets of regulations have been issued, the Building Regulations 1997 which sets standards for building works and the Building Control Regulations 2007 which puts procedures in place to control building works.
A Fire Safety Certificate is a certificate issued by the Building Control Authority which states that the works or building to which the application relates will, if constructed in accordance with the plans and specifications submitted, comply with the requirements of Part B of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations 1997.

Examples Of Structures Requiring FSC

The following developments (other than those listed as exempt below) require a Fire Safety Certificate…………

  • Works in connection with the design and construction of most new commercial buildings or buildings intended for public use or places of assembly.
  • Works in connection with the material alteration of certain buildings such as….
        • Flats Or Apartments
        • Guest House, Hotels or Hostels
        • Public Buildings
        • Shops or shopping centres
        • All ¬†places of assembly
        • Workplaces

Also, Any works in connection with the material alteration of a shop, office or industrial building where…

  • Additional floor area is being provided within the existing building or where the building is being sub divided into a number of units for separate occupancy.
  • A building where a material change of use takes place.

Certain developments may not require a  Fire Safety Certificate

The following buildings are exempted from the requirement to obtain a Fire Safety Certificate:

  • Certain single storey agricultural buildings.
  • A building used as a dwelling other than a flat.
  • A single storey domestic garage.

What is needed with when making a fire safety application ?

Typical documents to accompany a FSC application are….

  • Application form complete
  • Relevant drawings which demonstrate compliance (in duplicate)
  • A fire safety report
  • The appropriate fee