Mapping – Land Transfer Maps

Most properties have their own bespoke folio and folio / deed map. In certain cases, parcels of land may be unregistered and will need a new Land Registry Map prepared for the purpose of first registration. The registration of deeds and land in Ireland is controlled by “The Property Registration Authority” .

For all land purchases, subdivisions or transfer, a qualified engineer or surveyor should be retained to certify the areas in question, mark or verify any easements (Including sight line splays) and provide a certified map by return to your solicitor. Similarly, boundary checks (Normally carried out prior to property or land purchase) will require the services of a qualified engineer or surveyor to ensure that the boundaries on a certified map match the physical boundaries on the ground.

Encore Consulting can source land registry maps on your behalf and mark the required information accordingly. We carry out comprehensive site surveys and cross checks which can provide invaluable information when purchasing a property. Boundary disputes and recertification can prove costly to remediate at a later stage. Please contact us for a competitive quote.

Download Land Registry Map (pdf)