Pre-Purchase Home Surveys

Pre-Purchase Surveys

Before the purchase of a property is finalised it is advisable to have a Pre-Purchase Survey, sometimes called a ‘structural survey’ carried out to ensure that there are no underlying defects associated with the property.

The process involves a thorough internal and external inspection of a property to form an accurate assessment of its condition. The Survey is normally conducted prior to a property being purchased and offers the potential purchaser peace of mind by identifying any defects or compliance / planning issues which could incur substantial expense to rectify at a later date.

On completion, the report will outline the condition of the property under various headings, which summarise the overall condition of each building element and make recommendations for the remedy of any defects. The concluding summary at the end of the report will itemise the issues and apportion some budget rectification costs.

Areas covered in a typical report include….

  • Issues with unauthorised structures or modifications
  • Compliance (Or otherwise) with planning
  • Structural defects
  • Internal condition
  • Dampness
  • BER Requirements
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Condensation
  • Ventilation

The list is non exhaustive

If required, a simple walk through survey can be carried out if essential information or feedback is required at short notice.

Please contact the office directly for further information.